Aspects between the Sun and Uranus (in the radix, the progressed chart or by transit) symbolize alienation and unexpected changes in the course of life. There is an explanation when you just watch the planet Uranus with the strange axis caused by a double whammy (see Discovery News: ). Uranus is the ‘different’ planet. The axis of rotation is tilted sideways.


Until rather recently people didn’t know about Uranus and there are still astrologers who consider Uranus a sort of an outsider without rulership over a sign. But Uranus exists and Uranus pops up in the chart whenever there is a controversy, a sudden shock, an alarming situation, a ‘surprise’ or a ‘shriek’. Uranus is the symbol of what we didn’t want to know or what is new or ‘strange’ to us. And what is new to us is depending of progress in time.  For example:

– the car was new to us because of the engine instead of a horse, so Uranus became the symbol of motorized vehicles.

– astrology is strange in the eyes of the majority, so Uranus became the symbol of astrology.

– Uranus was discovered when the radio was introduced in our lives, so Uranus became the symbol of the radio (like Neptune of television and Pluto of the internet).

-Technology (industrialization) is also part of Uranus’ meanings because of the discovery of Uranus in a period of increasing industrialization.


With Mars, Uranus ( ) accelerates temper and speed. With Venus, Uranus  will suddenly fall in love (again and again). With Jupiter there might be a controversial conviction. Jupiter-Uranus (in aspect or midpoint) is frequent in the charts of astrologers! 

Saturn doesn’t make it easy on Uranus. The freewheeler will get brakes. Saturn-Uranus is the symbol of limited indepence and (as you will see on Astropost) frequent in the charts of those who lost their freedom (and fought against this, like Nelson Mandela and Natasha Kampusch).


Uranus doesn’t want to be limited by culture, political correctness or gender. Any aspect with Uranus will bring a certain weirdness. So when Uranus is in aspect with your Sun, you may expect to be different than those around you, in your family, group, profession or even nation. Perhaps more of us are different, but in the case of a Sun-Uranus aspect in the natal chart, being different is an issue.

Being ‘apart’ or ‘strange’ may alienate the Sun-Uranus person from close persons, and sometimes without wanting it. Mostly however, Sun-Uranus persons tend to be independent, with a strong will to rebel and disagree. They don’t want to be insignificant. They want their own stamp, mark and style. Imagine a group of Sun-Uranus persons! They will be joined in their idea to be different and make the world a better place (their way). But they are individualists and all of them want things to happen their special way.

Sun-Uranus persons are the feminist in a rural village, the homosexual in the American army, the astrologer working in a university, the stranger who doesn’t seem to be able to integrate, the scientist with the ‘silly idea’ that he believes in…Their purpose (willingly and consciously or not) is to liberate others and to make them see alternatives. I’m afraid that they are a bit arrogant sometimes, in the eyes of the rest. On top, they won’t hesitate to push through their way of thinking and their idea about ideal society. Sun-Uranus, especially afflicted, is about freedom ‘the way that I want it…’.


In a loving relationship the Sun-Uranus synastry works like the Prince’s kiss in the fairy tale about Aurora. Suddenly there is new life and that other person gave it to you! It must be very exciting to have such a relationship and few manage to keep being surprised and excited. But it happens, all the time. See the links…

However, Sun-Uranus afflictions in the charts of women increase the possibility of divorce. That is what the Astrologer Ram found, decades ago. Is it because the Sun-Uranus aspect unconsciously make these women look for the man who is going to abandon them? Or is it because the Sun-Uranus aspect expresses ‘exception’ in societies where you don’t use to get divorced? If the second idea is true, the Sun-Uranus aspects in the Grimaldi sisters’ charts are not exemplary for divorce but for the fact that they are controversial in their choice of men and because royalty rarely divorces.

Anyway: Sun-Uranus afflictions are an indication for divorce, for women. But it takes more than 2 indications, so don’t worry if you have Sun afflicted by Uranus and you are in a happy marriage.


In progressed charts Sun-Uranus sometimes makes you meet a special person who turns your life upside down. Because of the link between astrology and Uranus you might even get in touch with astrology in such a period or consult an astrologer. It makes you see alternatives or it provides you with a helicopter view on your life and life style. Some of us divorce in such a period, because Sun-Uranus sets you free or drives you apart. Some of us manage to become controversial in such a period. VIPS hit the front pages of the tabloids with Sun-Uranus transits or progressions.


With transits of Uranus you are to expect the unexpected. In the link to Astropost(below) you find several examples of what could happen during a Transit of Uranus.


Sun conjunct Uranus is about the beginning of change, a new way of life about to begin (again and again).

Sun sextile Uranus is about an easy way out to a new way of living without much effort.

Sun trine Uranus is about leaving behind a lot of controversy simply by being yourself in a community of free thinkers or in a place where you can be yourself.

Sun square, semisquare or sesquisquare Uranus is too early, ahead of time or too impatient and causes rebellion and controvery with trying to be different than people expect him or her to be or they live with people who frustrate them in being who they really are. For example, when the group or party is demanding that you accept a law that you personally disagree with.

Sun inconjunct Uranus doesn’t seem to be able to keep standing in a changing world or alienates too much from any group of persons. With such an aspect you’d better avoid to step out of your own world, because it might cost you your health, life, way of life or you being yourself. An example is Chinese dissident Chen Wei, who was sentenced to 7 yrs in prison because of his opinion.

 Sun quindecile Uranus is so focused on making his/her world a better place that it might turn him/her into a nervous wrack. Looking for sensation all the time?

Sun opposition Uranus comes in touch with life changing persons and situations so that he or she is always in doubt about what next and in a state of alarm. The best thing seems to be to choose for yourself…

Sun quintile Uranus will find a creative way to be independent and accepted. That is also true for biquintiles.

Sun novile Uranus (or binovile or quatronovile) accepts that he/she is different and sort of rejoices it. The others are so ignorant, aren’t they?:)  

Sun septile Uranus learns how to live in an alternative way during life.

LINKS TO EXAMPLES An abducted child with Sun opposition Uranus (others caused alienation from her family).

Noticing sexism in the European top doesn’t make you the most wanted chairman (or woman), does it? Latvian p.m. Vike-Freiberga has Sun inconjunct Uranus.

Sun-Uranus aspects are frequent in the charts of divorced women like the Grimaldi Princesses:

Tiger Woods and his wife agreed to divorce during a transit of Uranus with his chart:

Is Alberto Augosto King Juan Carlos’ son? The upheaval was mirrored by Uranus…

Russian in the USA, a western woman in Russia…Anna Chapman – involved in a spy trade – has Sun square Uranus:

Anders Breivik’s chart has Sun square Uranus:

In 2011/2012 PM Ahmadinejad of Iran has Progressed Sun inconjunct after transit Uranus inconjunct natal Sun… In the natal chart Sun is square Uranus. He is controversial in the West and there is discord with leader Khameini.

Aurora and the Sun-Uranus synastry is a story on my blog

Bruce Springsteen has Sun square Uranus in the natal chart, getting tighter in progression in his early years. It seems that he had an alienated childhood,_Bruce

In ‘Statue for the enemy’ I tell the story of a German soldier who died after saving the lives of two little Dutch girls, during the Second World War when Germany occupied The Netherlands. The people in the village didn’t want to tell his father after the war (because he was the enemy). But 62 later there was a statue…Karl Heinz Rosch had progressed Sun inconjunct Uranus during the war and transit Uranus sesquisquare progressed Sun on the day that he died.

Transits of Uranus with examples:

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