How to look ahead?


On my blog and here on Astromarkt I use to look back instead of ahead to see if the methods used for prognosis correspond with the events (events, measurable moments, not emotions or emotional/mental development).

Of course, sometimes I look ahead.That is not to see if something inevitable will happen, but to be prepared for the coming atmosphere. It is like a weather prediction, more or less. How do I look ‘into the future’?

  1. I look at the transits coming
  2. I look at the progressed chart aspects

I look at the aspects of progressed positions with those in the natal chart. I sometimes take a look at the solar return chart. I barely look at Solar Arcs because I haven’t found them very useful when it comes to events and life changing moments.


Transits show you that is time for a certain theme to be manifested. Some transits are more important than others are.

  1. Transits have more impact if they produce a similar connection of planets as in the birth chart. For example: transit Jupiter conjunct Sun and a birth chart with Sun sextile Jupiter or transit Pluto square Mars when a person is born with Mars trine Pluto.
  2. A cluster of transits is more important than a single one.

Note that transits with progressed positions are also important!

Progressed chart aspects

The progressed chart is the chart of the Xth day after birth, valid for the Xth year after birth, according to the idea ‘One day for a year’ and the fact that the earth’s axis and earth’s motion during the year have the same effect: you see the whole universe in a day and in a year. It is the larger view of what is coming up.

Some progressed chart aspects are more important than others are. Progressed aspects making an aspect in a birth chart ‘exact’, like for example Mercury square Saturn (wide in a birth chart) getting exact (Progressed Mercury exactly square Progressed Saturn or natal Saturn). It will be as if it is THE moment to express the nature of the aspect.

Solar return

When there is a number of transits and progressions pointing at a certain situation, I check the solar return chart, in particular Midheaven (as a point of ‘awareness’ ‘result’ and ‘objective’) on that important day. As the solar return chart is the chart of the moment that you celebrate your birthday, you should use the time of the solar return and the place where you are at that moment. The popular idea is that you can change your destiny by avoiding certain places (like your place of birth) is wrong. It might however change your birthday partyJ! The solar return chart shows a ‘theme’ of the year and the transits with your sun on your birthday.  The most important indications that I found were:

–       positions of natal and solar chart rulers on the horizon (Ascendant-Descendant)

–       the Moon of natal or solar related to solar of natal Midheaven to indicate change in social position (including death, becoming a mother, an ‘orphan’)


So we have a larger view or effect (progressions) and timing (transits), all related to the moment of birth and we have a sort of a ‘theme’ related to the Sun. I checked this for important family moments and it warns me to take care or be prepared.

I am aware that there may be other or more methods used or advised by astrologers. I use the ones mentioned above. Examples can be found in multiple posts on this site and on I like to say it again: any chart should be considered related to the circumstances, conditions, genes, gender, age and place in the world (culture).

If you want to know more about transits and progressions or about the solar return, check my blog ASTROPOST (search in blog, or use the labels mentioned on the right) or this site Astromarkt (search site or see menu).




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