Solar transits



Solar transits are the aspects of your natal chart with the Sun in daily motion. They are one day flies, maybe, but …they colour your day. I tested them, asking questions on a forum and watching the transits and my findings are here. What you need in order to be able to calculate the solar transits are: your birthchart and an ephemeris or a computerprogram. Or just watch’s daily picture of daily transits. Here you get some info and the interpretation of the daily transits.


Transits, must I explain them? The sun moves through the twelve signs in a year. On the 21st of March the sun is in the first degree of Aries. There it alle starts. Moving on the sun aspects the postions in your natal chart. For instance: if you have Jupiter in the 12th degree of Libra there are hard aspects made every 45 days starting the 2nd or 3th of January (then february 15 or 16, april 1 or 2, may 18 or 19 a.s.o.)

I tested the hard aspects on my own birth chart. Hard aspect are aspects of 0, 45, 90, 135 and 180 degrees only. Of course you could use the harmonious aspects too (trine and sextile) or even the quincunx (150 degrees), quintile or biquintile. It is up to you.


The daily transits of the sun have more meaning and value than you would expect them to have. But for real important events you might need more indications. One day when I had transit sun aspecting Jupiter and close to Neptune plus Venus transit trine Sun and MC was a happy message day. But there were three indications at a time! The transit of the Sun makes other indications stronger.


Use these transits to make plans for a party of a Sun transit Venus, Jupiter or Northern Nodes day! Plan a thourough cleaning of the attic on a Saturn/Pluto day. To avoid extra indications for nasty things plana atrip when there is NO transit of the sun with Mercury, Jupiter or Uranus. But you might enjoy specifically the movement and comeback of the sun in 45 days. Because all of the hard aspects are repeated every 45 days.


Someone having a trafficlight or flashlight relationsship with her mother and Moon conjunct Uranus in the birth chart keeps getting unexpected message, phones or visist of her mother (mostly unwanted) with a sun transit Uranus.

I found out that appointments I make for a day the transit Sun aspects Pluto are being cancelled (by me or by the other person). That day is usually meant for something that I did not plan, but HAS TO be done.

The chart of Queen Beatrix of Holland is a perfect example. The celebration day of the royal family is April 30th. That day EVERY year she has transit Sun on the stellium of Moon (family, people, popular), Venus (fun), Jupiter (joy) and Uranus (surprise) in the equal 10th house of public appearance.

Her mother, queen Juliana, had her birthday on the 30th of april. So she always had Sun conjunct Sun that day. And she had an extra party ingredient that day every year: lovely Venus!

Successor to be, prins William-Alexander, does not have sun transits on the 30th of april On his birthday, april 27th, transit Sun in on the Sun (as everybody has on a birthday), 135 Moon and conjunct Nodes. These are indications for a family meeting.


The aspect with a planet is at the same time an aspect with a midpoint combination. Examining the midpointcombiations helps to mark the nature of the events. So watch these – very personal – midpoints!

Sun transits on the midpoints without a planet to complete the combination of three is something I have not tried to define yet. It is too much ‘finetuning’ of which I do not see the value. But you might consider it worthwhile, of course!


Sun with Sun

Birthday aspect! You in the sunshine and the center!You watch your health. You might look like a shining star on these days.

Sun with Moon

A day for emotions and family matters.

Sun with Mercury

Letters, discussions, talking, being an interpreter; it is a day for talking, writing and for study. You arre in the center of peoples interest (or being critised…).

Sun with Venus

Rest, peace, pleasure and comfort, nice things, ‘luckily’ being insured. You are being spoiled.

Sun with Mars

Irritations, anger, having to stand up for yourself, being active or sportive activities, cutting yourself

Sun with Jupiter

Progress, happiness (even in case of accidents), trust, joy, success

Sun with Saturn

Being serious or tired (of working), depressed, down… A day for delay…Good day to spend on your own!

Sun with Uranus

Surprises, unexpexted things coming in your way, acting too soon

Sun with Neptune

Being forgotten, mistakes, having to wait, being absent (in mind)

Sun with Pluto

Having to do something, adjusting plans, being alert and living intensily, being challenged, starting all over again

Sun in aspect with Node

Being connected to a group, family. Important meeting.

Sun in aspect with Eris

A day with a moment of unpleasant interactions with jealous or nasty women (especially if YOU are a woman). It is a day of discord and you are especially vulnerable today.

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