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Sharing Moonsigns

When lovers have the same position of the Moon, they feel close and comfortable. Friends often have the same Moonsign. It makes you feel as if you belong together (‘We are family’). For example: Prince William and Kate Middleton have the same moonsign! Both have Moon in Cancer. You can read about their relationship and marriage here…Next: more examples and explanations or skip this and select your shared moonsign right away! Just click the Moon to find out how it feels when you both have the moon in your sign.. I have written about the subject on Astropost before (Same moonsign, what to share?).


Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson both have Moon in Pisces in the natal chart. The Moon in Pisces is a romantic Moon. Many artists have the Moon in Pisces. It gives feeling for the ‘mood’ of the moment, it increases empathy and fantasy. The Moon in Pisces is also frequent in the charts of addicts and that is because of the need to hide away, run away from reality and live a life of dreams.

There are more examples of couples who shared the same Moonsign. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love both had Moon in Cancer. They shared the need to belong, to feel at home and to keep memories alive. Moon in Cancer is part of the astrological pattern of artistic talents and they were both artists. They also shared highlighted emotions with Moon in Cancer.

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka (the ‘Ken and Barbie’ murderers) both have Moon in Aries, the need to ‘act right away’.

These three examples maybe show us that sharing a Moonsign may feel as ‘coming home’ but is not precisely reflecting a stable relationship between a man and a woman. Shared experiences and emotions may be too intense. Living in the same household might be hard when two of a kind keep reacting in the same way. They share the same good and bad moods. When the Moons are conjunct (in the same degree or within 3 degrees of orb in the same degree), they may feel the same way about a lot of things and often experience the same changes of moods at about the same moment, even when they are apart. This twin soul is very hard to separate and they easily live together in the same house or room. With the moon in the same sign, you are soulmates!

Of course, you don’t need to be lovers to have Moon conjunct Moon or Moons in the same sign. Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands has Moon in Aquarius and so has her beloved daughter in law, Máxima. They feel comfortable with each other. Mothers can have the same Moon sign as their child. ‘Just friends’ can have the same Moon sign. You can have the same Moon sign as your dog and sigh at the same moment…


Here is a short list of the possible effects for sharing a moon in Aries, Taurus, Gemini,Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Or click for more about sharing aspects with another person.


Moon in Aries: action, sport together, working together, arguing together:), always something to do in the house (do it yourself. As a mother you like to have a job AND children and your children should be independent a.s.a.p. You are used to having to do things fast and on your own. Your way, of course:). So when a couple has Moon conjunct Moon in Aries, there may be some conflicts…Such a drive, with Moon conjunct Moon in Aries. When two men with Moon in Aries are working together you might expect strong competition!

Moon in Taurus:

You surround yourself with the more sensual and comfortable things in life and nice objects of art (paintings, sculptures). You are very loyal to family, kids and old friends. One of the nasty things of a moon in Taurus is too think that they have not been treated as they should have been or as they deserve. In which cause they react very emotionally and stubborn. You need matter and material and money in the bank.

With Moon conjunct Moon in Taurus it may take a long time to end up like fighting bulls. Such a nice couple, with Moon conjunct Moon in Taurus.

Moon in Gemini: dancing or shopping together, taking a walk, having a good discussion and dressing up identical as if you were twins, city slickers with a second house. Sometimes people do not get the Moon in Gemini, as you seem to have two faces. You are the kind of woman that cooks while watching television and nursing a child at the same time, no problem, but you prefer going out shopping. That is because you want to follow the trends and look young and modern.

Such a busy couple, with Moon conjunct Moon in Gemini.


Moon in Cancer: family life, just being together in the same house, collecting photos or objects, always visiting family members and the children never far away or …never leaving mother. You respond emotionally to your environment and close ones and have a special bound with family/mother. An attic full of photo’s, a soul full of memories…When in trouble or afflicted you really think your intimates are the best, whatever they do is right and you support them all the way. This strong moon is at best when emotions are involved. You will be such an emotional couple, with Moon conjunct Moon in Cancer.


Moon in Leo: showing off together, dramatic acts, having a party, glamour and glitter in the house…Those with Moon in Leo have a sense for status and sometimes they walk around showing off where there in fact is nothing to be shown but fake. It is a position for pretensions. They just have a need to draw attention and look royal (dressed up with ‘jewels’, ‘furs’ etc.). Wow, this couple with Moon conjunct Moon in Leo is drawing attention!


Moon in Virgo: helping and serving each other or others, cleaning the house together, buying shoes and bags together, a practical household…You notice every little thing and that is why you are of perfect use in practical processes such as photography. As a mother you like your children nice and clean and you never forget the plants in the office. A modest attitude and at least pretending to be useful: that is Moon in Virgo. But with Moon conjunct Moon in Virgo you also tend to be very critical at each other and to see every little spot. It is such a neat couple, the Moon conjunct Moon in Virgo (and they are so clean). Perhaps you are often having a bath together?


Moon in Libra: looking nice and charming, doing a ‘beauty day’ together, the house as a style icon…But what to choose? Moon in Libra just cannot decide. They just NEED company. Mothers with Moon in Libra might pay special attention to the equal division of candy among their children…A couple with Moon conjunct Moon in Libra is very indecisive. As they don’t want to hurt each other, they may end up with another partner out of the blue. Still, they are a very nice couple and he always brings her flowers.


Moon in Scorpio: looking bold and brave together, sharing dangerous experiences, difficult eating habits, minimalist household but expensive. When this couple with Moon conjunct Moon in Scorpio is not defending themselves against others, they might start defending themselves against the other partner and end up like cactuses in a desert when there is no more passion. They need challenges and are a daring couple. Don’t ever challenge them!:)


Moon in Sagittarius: acting positive and cheerful, driving or traveling together, learning a language together, dreaming of a house abroad…When things are getting wrong or bad you became nervous and hurried. A couple with Moon conjunct Moon in Sagittarius is a busy couple, always on the way and always looking for more and better. They are so successful!:)

Moon in Capricorn: sharing ambitions need to be economic and classical, use of stone in the house, need for decorum and status. A couple with Moon in Capricorn might be working hard to make a career or consider parenthood as their goal.


Moon in Aquarius: cars, techniques, electronics and the latest new devices and freedom (living together but apart…or apart together), sudden and surprising changes, sense of humor. As they are individualist, but like to have some company too, in extreme cases they will have to organize a domestic meeting.

Moon in Pisces: romance, candle light, the same need to hide away in the strictly private twilight zone or to travel far far away, swimming in the moonlight, loving the same movie…However, there is a risk of sharing the same need to drift off and get lost in the world of drugs and addictions if you don’t focus on beauty, arts and high ideals.

Of course when you also share the same aspect with the moon, this will increase the sense of shared experiences and belonging together…

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