Midpoints are what the word says: points in the middle. In a chart, midpoints are the points between two planets, lights or angles. Midpoint combinations consist of a midpoint and a (hard) aspect with a third party (an angle, light or planet). Here you learn how to calculate and interpret midpoints. Go to the meaning of Sun/Moon and AC/MC midpoints, or the Sun/Moon sign, or to the Venus midpoints (click the links).


(A+B)/2 =the midpoint, for example: Sun at 200 degrees (20 Libra) + Moon at 100 degrees (10 Cancer) = midpoint 300/2 = 150 = Zero Virgo

Every hard aspect with the midpoint (45,90,135,180 or 0 and if you want: 22.5, 67.5, 112.5 and 157.5, too) makes a combination of 3.


I will tell you how to do it without using a reference book.

I want to tell something about interpreting midpoints on your own. It just is not that miraculous or difficult as it appears. When you interpret a square between for example: Sun in Capricorn and Jupiter in Aries you take into account:

– the interpretations for what Sun is

– dito for what Jupiter is

– the nature of the sign the planets are in

– the fact that they square

At least 5 notions! So why would it be more difficult to combine 3!?

Got a vocabulary? Got fantasy? You know the core meanings of the planets and aspects?

A =Adelante!

  1. Rule 1: always stick to the core business of the planet at first (weaver out later) So Sun = life, will, vitality, being Jupiter = joy, growth, wisdom, success, progress Saturn = lessening, age, time, limitations, carefulness, responsible
  2. Rule 2: think of a conjunction between two of the three in pairs successively. So Sun+Jupiter, Sun+Saturn, Jupiter+Saturn. What would you get if Jupiter joins Sun? Growth in life, the will to progress. Saturn joining Sun: seriousness in life, being careful. Jupiter+Saturn: growing responsibilities, limited joy
  3. Rule 3: Combine it. A life with growing responsibilities? Different positions in life (then you have fun, then you are depressed).
  4. Rule 4: Variations
    Saturn is a father? A successful man (Sun/Jupiter) = your father

Jupiter is teacher? A serious and responsible life as a teacher

Sun is health? Better (Jupiter) when older?

Saturn is alone? Better off (Sun/Jupiter) alone?

Jupiter is progress? Then you walk better alone!

5. Rule 5: Look at the planet making the aspect to the midpoint (that is the one that when activated by progression will be most influential)

Sun = Health issues

Jupiter = Issues of success

Saturn = Issues of responsibilities and limitations

B for Book

Compare your ideas with those of COSI*) and you will see that all of the things you can think of are given as a possible workout in COSI. But you could have thought of them yourself….

C for Creativity!

Combine even more. Two midpoint combinations! Like already given example: Sun/Jupiter=Saturn/Pluto (death and surgery of the father improving your health OR being scared to death makes you live better = FACT stopped smoking when father died as a result of smoking). The combination as a whole = Sun/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto: a drastic (Pluto) move (Jupiter/Saturn) in life or health (Sun) ….

D for Diving, deeper and deeper.

There are more than 1 midpoint combination in your chart. Interpret it like eating an elephant (in small pieces!). Start with one planet and its midpoints that had recently been aspected in progress or by transit and study that!

E for Energy and Elephants

E= for the energy it costs and for Elephant to remind you that you must eat an elephant in tiny bits…You learn practising!

F=Faile and have Fun

F= for the failures you have to make in the process to learn this. Don’t forget to have Fun trying to make your first combinations!

*)COSI = Combination of Stellar Influences by Ebertin. Of course you can use any other book.


Wikipedia about astrology midpoints

Barbara Benfield’s article about midpoints on the site of Noel Tyl, dated March 30, 2001


Midpoint combinations are the combination of a midpoint and a (hard) aspect with a third party (a planet, a light, the Node, Ascendant or Midheaven). For example: when there is a hard aspect (45, 90, 135 or 180d) with the point between  Sun and Venus, there is a midpoint combination of Sun/Venus with the planet or position in aspect.
Aspect combinations are the combination of aspects between three objects (planet, light, angle, Node). An aspect is not a ‘stand alone’ and belongs to the bigger picture of the chart. When you learn how to mix the aspects, you are a step further on the way to reading charts.

Here are possible answers to the question: What does it mean when Venus is part of an aspect combination of three or of a midpoint combination? The interpretations on this site are based on years of study. After years of studying astrology I read the Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin (and advice you to do the same) and then I tested many, many charts. Then, in April 2007, I wrote AstroTrio (combinations of midpoints and aspects) in Dutch. I translated part of that book in English and published some of it on Astropost. This is a collection of blogs on Astropost.blogspot.com about midpoint- and aspect combinations with Venus, added with the information needed to complete the list of all possible midpoint-and aspect combinations with Venus. BTW: there is an article about Sun/Moon and AC/MC-combinations, too. Continue for the index or read on…

A With Sun and Venus: Sun/Moon/Venus, Sun/Mercury/Venus, Sun/Venus/Mars, Sun/Venus/Jupiter, Sun/Venus/Saturn, Sun/Venus/Uranus, Sun/Venus/Neptune, Sun/Venus/Pluto, Sun/Venus/Node, Sun/Venus/AC, Sun/Venus/MC,

B With Moon and Venus: Moon/Mercury/Venus, Moon/Venus/Mars, Moon/Venus/Jupiter, Moon/Venus/Saturn, Moon/Venus/Uranus, Moon/Venus/Neptune, Moon/Venus/Pluto, Moon/Venus/Node, Moon/Venus/AC, Moon/Venus/MC,

C With Mercury and Venus: Mercury/Venus/Jupiter, Mercury/Venus/Saturn, Mercury/Venus/Uranus, Mercury/Venus/Neptune, Mercury/Venus/Pluto, Mercury/Venus/Node, Mercury/Venus/AC, Mercury/Venus/MC

D With Mars and Venus: Venus/Mars/Jupiter, Venus/Mars/Saturn, Venus/Mars/Uranus, Venus/Mars/Neptune, Venus/Mars/Pluto, Venus/Mars/Node, Venus/Mars/AC, Venus/Mars/MC,

E With Jupiter and Venus: Venus/Jupiter/Saturn, Venus/Jupiter/Uranus, Venus/Jupiter/Neptune, Venus/Jupiter/Pluto, Venus/Jupiter/Node, Venus/Jupiter/AC, Venus/Jupiter/MC,

F With Saturn and Venus: Venus/Saturn/Uranus, Venus/Saturn/Neptune, Venus/Saturn/Pluto, Venus/Saturn/Node, Venus/Saturn/AC, Venus/Saturn/MC,

G With Uranus and Venus: Venus/Uranus/Neptune, Venus/Uranus/Pluto, Venus/Uranus/Node, Venus/Uranus/AC, Venus/Uranus/MC,

H With Neptune or Pluto and Venus: Venus/Neptune/Pluto, Venus/Neptune/Node, Venus/Neptune/AC, Venus/Neptune/MC, Venus/Pluto/Node, Venus/Pluto/AC, Venus/Pluto/MC,

IAbout Venus/Node/AC, Venus/Node/MC, Venus/AC/MC

Venus is the symbol of love, beauty and art. Any combination with Venus refers to style, taste, desires, charm, diplomacy and cultural level. Venus is also the symbol of the skin, the kidneys and hormones. The interpretations on this site are not related to health issues.

A Venus, Sun and a third party


It is the combination of the art of living, the desire to live in peace and being charming in heart and soul (because you want to be loved and probably ARE). Love and style will be in the spotlights.

(see for more: http://astropost.blogspot.com/2011/04/sunmoonvenus-midpoint-combinations.html)


When Sun/Mercury is mixed with Venus grace, style and beauty are added to expressing the opinion or view. You easily get contact with others and this might lead to marrying young. This combination of Sun/Mercury/Venus is very frequent and not all of the persons with this combination in the natal chart will become a writer. But they all communicate in a nice manner.


Sun/Venus in hard aspect with Mars: that is a combination for highlighted passion, art and love. Both Paris Hilton and Paul McCartney have Sun conjunct Venus/Mars: that is another way to make a Sun/Venus/Mars midpoint combination.


Sun/Venus in hard aspect with Jupiter is the privilige of the lucky guy or girl: either in love or in art. Examples: Peter Paul Rubens (Venus conjunct Sun/Jupiter) and Brad Pitt (Jupiter square Sun/Venus) or Dutch Queen Beatrix who is a privileged person and a sculptor and has Sun/Venus/Jupiter combinations 3 times together with a conjunction of Sun, Venus and Jupiter. Sun/Venus/Jupiter makes you see the benefits of style and life is a celebration.


There must be ‘another side of the coin’ for Brad Pitt, because he doesn’t only have a Sun/Venus/Jupiter-combination. He also has a Sun/Venus/Saturn combination! His Venus is conjunct Sun/Saturn. Linda Lovelace’s chart has Venus semi square Sun/Saturn.

This is the combination that shows you the limitations of love life and style and makes cautious in love (and art) because of earlier separations. With Sun-Venus-Saturn ‘keeping up appearances in love life’ might be one of the possible ways to read this midpoint combination.


Sun/Venus with Uranus is very stimulating for an artist and produces a hectic love life. Tension goes together with the latest styles. Victoria Beckham has Venus sesquisquare Sun/Uranus. She is in the news often because of her husband’s supposed to be love adventures. In the C-rated chart of Astrodatabank, her Venus is trine Ascendant and sesquisquare Uranus, to illustrate the fact that she is a good looking woman. For more about Venus-Uranus, use the link.


Sun/Venus with Neptune is for the romantic person or talented artist. This combination adds fantasy and dreams to the love life and life style. Karel Appel had Sun semi square Venus/Neptune, for example. Venus-Neptune is part of the pattern of artistic talents in a chart. See my blog Art&Astrology for more examples of the pattern.


Sun/Venus with Pluto is an intense combination for love: it is all or nothing and there also may be money issues. With this combination your qualities to earn money might be highlighted, too. Sometimes Sun/Venus/Pluto mirrors a dramatic love life. Paul McCartney has Sun conjunct Venus/Pluto.

Venus/Pluto intensifies desires and wishes (’to have to have’) and (with other indications) reflects special talents. Read more about Venus/Pluto on Astromarkt.


Sun/Venus with Node is reflecting the shared joy of life, the diplomat and the beloved family or company of nice and talented people. It is likely that someone with this combination will do anything to improve the atmosphere and enjoy life together. Prince Charles has Northern Node opposition Sun/Venus.


Sun/Venus with Ascendant wants to make the world look better. Francisco Goya used art to do so. He had Ascendant square Sun/Venus.


Sun/Venus with Midheaven might have a professional career in art, as an artist, or related to love and beauty, just like movie star Monique van de Ven with Sun semi square Venus/Midheaven.

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B Venus with Moon and a third party

Moon/Venus is the midpoint of feeling good, nice habits and modern style. Any aspect with Moon and Venus or the midpoint Moon/Venus tells us something more about that. The Moon/Venus midpoint might be hit when you fall in love or give birth or sense the good sides of family life. Moon/Venus is also part of the pattern of artistic talents. Having sense of esthetics and style surely will help you to create a product that people will like to buy or see. However, afflictions between Moon and Venus may cause problems for women when it comes to play the female role in life’s theatre. Marilyn Monroe had Moon semi sesquisquare (67.5d) Venus, afflicted by Saturn and Neptune. The combinations Moon/Venus/Saturn and Moon/Venus/Neptune happen to be the less pleasant combinations with Moon/Venus.

Moon/Mercury/Venus enabled Ronald Reagan to pleasantly communicate with women.

Moon/Venus/Mars creates a passionate trio. This trio urges you to hurry up when giving birth and in a natal chart this combination shows a need for passion. Perhaps this is the combination for puppy love and early experiences with the other gender.

Moon/Venus/Jupiter might make you very popular. Women will support you and when you fall in love it will be with a great person. If you consider a lot of children as a demonstration of happy love life, you will have many children. But only if you want them!:) My examples are famous:

a. Prince William with an almost exact Moon/Venus semi square Jupiter. He is very popular.

b. Pim Fortuyn, the murdered Dutch (homosexual) politician whose funeral was attended by hundreds of thousands of people along the road had Moon/Venus sesquisquare Jupiter.

c. The combination might point at successes in art, for artists like Peter Paul Rubens (who also shaped his women the Jupiter-way).

This midpoint combination might also point at the reason for the popularity: being very well mannered, polite and always in style.

Moon/Venus/Saturn does the opposite of what Mars does. Saturn slows you down. Saturn creates limitations and restrictions. Venus Frigida, that is Moon/Venus/Saturn…With this combination you might have a habit of breaking hearts, just because of cold feet. With this combination you have to learn to limit your desires, like the (very bad) example: Paul Bernardo, whose Saturn is semi square Moon/Venus. Of course, Paul Bernardo is not a normal person.

The combination is also mirroring unhappy (or should I say: unlucky) women.

Recent example 1: Anne Sinclair (wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn) has a Scorpio Moon square Saturn and inconjunct Venus. The bad experiences in love happened in the past few weeks. Her Moon/Venus is semi square Sun. Strauss-Kahn is her second husband (she has Venus conjunct Uranus in Gemini –double bodied sign– in the seventh house). Here is the chart with the (still) dificult transits for June 1: T Neptune square Ascendant, T Node inconjunct Sun, T Jupiter inconjunct Mars and T Saturn conjunct Neptune.

It must be hard to be involved with a man who is taken into custody after being accused of violating a woman, even if you believe in him.

The second recent example is Maria Shriver, who discovered that her husband had a child with the housekeeper. Her Moon/Venus midpoint is semi square Saturn and transit Saturn is now in hard aspect with her Ascendant.

Moon/Venus/Uranus accelerates feelings of sympathy and love. This combination might lead to juvenile pregnancy or giving birth too soon or surgery when giving birth. The other side is a great sense of style and rhythm. Beauty surgery, too. Kim Novak has Uranus square Moon/Venus in her birth chart.

Moon/Venus/Neptune: the women adore you and you are likely to disappoint some of them. You could be an artist. See Art&Astrology for dozens of examples. Here are a few more:

1. Julian Assange has the midpoint Moon/Venus square Neptune (see: http://astropost.blogspot.com/2010/12/julian-assange-mars-in-aquarius.html and http://astropost.blogspot.com/2010/12/similarities-of-charts-of-bradley.html )

2. John F. Kennedy had Moon exactly square Venus and semi square Neptune. The midpoint Moon/Venus was conjunct Neptune.

Moon/Venus/Pluto: intense and sometimes painful experiences in love and/or a habit of earning money. Francisco Goya had Pluto opposition Moon/Venus. Ronald Reagan had Venus square Moon/Pluto.

Moon/Venus/Node loves family meetings and nice (female) company.

Moon/Venus/Ascendant is the key to being ‘beloved’ or lovable and to presenting yourself as a nice person. Men with this combination have a lot of women around (like Hugh Hefner with Moon square Venus/Ascendant).

Dutch (Argentina born) Princess Maxima has this combination 3 times! That is a result of the small trine between Moon, Venus and Ascendant (Moon sextile Venus, Venus trine Ascendant, Moon sextile Ascendant, Moon/AC square Venus, Moon/Venus square AC, Venus/AC square Moon). Maxima is now the most popular member of the royal family and the very good looking mother of 3 daughters.

(She also has a Moon square Saturn and inconjunct Pluto and that reminds me of the post about beautiful women and Venus-Saturn-Pluto (for what it takes to remain in shape:).

Moon/Venus/MC (Midheaven) is constructing a career related to art or women, like Ronald Reagan and Hugh Hefner. Women with this combination could be dedicated to being a nice mother and wife. I haven’t seen famous examples of women, yet. But have I seen them all?:)

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C Venus with Mercury and a third party

If Mercury is about telling stories, any aspect combination with Mercury and Venus could be interpreted as a love story.


A story about passion and sexuality, a love story with ‘action’


A love story with a happy end


A real life love story (about obligations and parenthood), studying style (stone or clay used for art)


An exciting love story about falling in love


A romantic and not necessarily true love story or a story about an affair


A story about money or about how love eventually wins


A group of people communicating about or with love


People see you as someone who is kind and polite 


Maybe it is your profession to tell nice stories

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D Venus, Mars and a third party

Venus and Mars are the combination of man and woman, sexual activity and passion.


Productive lover or artist


Sadness in love (perhaps death or separation of a wife or lover; for example Paul McCartney whose first wife died has Venus semi square Mars/Saturn). Discipline related to love or women is another way to express Venus-Mars-Saturn combinations.


When Venus and Mars meet, there is passion. When Venus is with Uranus, there is a sudden ‘hyper’ love. When Mars is with Uranus there is a sudden drive and action on impulse. So: Venus, Mars and Uranus together are the symbol of sudden passions and adventures or acting on impulse when attracted to someone. Maybe this doesn’t always have to show up like it does in the chart of Anthony Weiner (tight combination of Venus conjunct Mars, both semi square Uranus) or that of Ryan Giggs (tight combination of Mars opposition Uranus and square Venus. But it often does. Nevertheless there are other ways to mirror Venus-Mars-Uranus than ‘strongly passionate excitability: beauty surgery or giving birth – maybe with the help of certain techniques (but than you have another gender, of course). Both Giggs and Weiner opted for therapy to learn how to control themselves. Time will tell if that will change them.

The tension of Venus-Mars-Uranus is in the sexual interaction. Mars-Uranus makes it difficult for men to stay with one woman. Venus-Uranus is one of the risky aspects in the charts of women when it comes to marriage.

Let us find some female examples of charts with Venus, Mars, Uranus combinations:

•              Anne Sinclair (the wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn) has Venus  conjunct Uranus and both are square Mars. There is indeed sensation about sex in her life.

•              Mariah Shriver (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife) has Venus trine Uranus and semi square Mars (with Mars quintile Uranus). She recently discovered that her husband has a son with her housekeeper. See about the divorce: http://astrology-love-romance.blogspot.com/2011/05/divorce-of-schwarzeneggers.html


Possible malfunction, infection or disappointment related to sex or the interaction between men and women 


The danger of sexuality and being attracted to dangerous men. Problems and challenges in the relationships between men and women (examples are Paris Hilton with Venus semi square Mars/Pluto and Heather Mills with Venus conjunct Mars/Pluto) 


The importance of sexual relationships 


Sensual looks, using fysical attraction 


Two ways: passion for the career or a career/position related to sexuality (desire for having children)

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E Venus, Jupiter and a third party


Ups and downs in love make careful. Perhaps a happy marriage when older.


Sudden and unexpected success in love or art (like Michelangelo with Jupiter conjunct Venus/Uranus)


 Venus/Jupiter/Neptune is the recipe for the fairy tale marriage (in the eyes of others:) and for a devoted and loving audience (fans!). Victoria Beckham has Jupiter semi square Venus/Neptune. Other examples with this combination are Mabel Wisse Smit (married a prince), Heather Mills, Princess Paola, Paris Hilton. Marrying Prince Charming, being a popular idol.


Venus/Jupiter/Pluto means (earning) a whole lot of love or of money and sometimes both. It is the key to a (social) successful marriage.

Also see the post about Venus in aspect with Pluto:


My examples are:

1. Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England, has Sun/Venus and Sun/Jupiter semi square Pluto.

2. Dutch Princess Maxima has Jupiter/Pluto semi square Venus/Jupiter and Ascendant.

3. Robin William (Jupiter square Venus/Pluto)

4. J.K. Rowling (Pluto semi square Venus/Jupiter) also have a Venus/Jupiter/Pluto midpoint combination

5. Politician Ruud Lubbers has Jupiter/Pluto semi square Venus (he is also a business man).

6. Sarah Palin has Venus exactly on Jupiter/Pluto midpoint.


Social abilities and talents


Charming and nice (when you smile the whole world smiles, too). Party animal, popular


The joy of a career or a career related to fun and entertainment. Yoko Ono has Venus opposition Jupiter/MC. Brad Pitt has Jupiter sesquisquare Venus/MC.

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F Venus, Saturn and third party


The nasty sides of falling in love or giving birth (resulting in birth control or trying to avoid love adventures). Sudden separation.


Malfunction of hormones or kidneys. The nasty results of an affair or romance (abortion)


In the post about Britney I mention the professional femme fatale (Venus-Saturn-Pluto: the ‘die hard’ in cases of love and beauty) in her chart. Maybe that is a way to see Venus-Saturn-Pluto. There is an expression in my country:

If you want to be beautiful, you must suffer.

Just depilate and scrub and you will see how true that is… And how about the challenge (Pluto) of aging (Saturn), a serious problem for the beauty and the charm…?

Suffer for beauty, charm, estetics or vanity….maybe that is exactly what Venus-Saturn-Pluto is about.


Issues of divorces or relationships with other than official partners (yours or others), breaking up with people you love


Afraid to be not good, nice or beautiful enough (perhaps because of the lack of good taste around you).


Being confronted with divorce, separation, people being untrue and bad luck in love, maybe because of your professional activities.

G Venus with Uranus and a third party


Being blinded or hypnotized by love. VIP’s with such a combination in their chart are often mentioned in the news papers in regard to love affairs or upheaval in the relationship. However, this combination is also seen in the charts of singers, especially when they sing about love…It is the combination of sense of art (Venus-Neptune), romance (Venus-Neptune), rhythm (Uranus) and excitement (Uranus), perhaps.


The radical lover who is willing to take risks in love and falls in love just like that. I have seen bad and nicer examples of the intense way to fall in love and change everything because of it and won’t mention them here…


With such a combination you might be the loving fool of the familyJ


This combination makes you extremely attractive. People give you lots of compliments. Evita Perron had Ascendant conjunct Venus/Uranus.


Would it be fun to relate your social position to falling in love or being a beauty?

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H Venus, Neptune or Pluto and a third party


This is the concept of intense romance, love after death and fantasies about all-or-nothing in love or the secret force that love is.


Romantic meetings


Romantic or artistic attitude, maybe a bit shy


The position of an artist or a lover (how romantic will it be to base your status on that?). Louis de Funes’ chart has MC opposition Venus/Neptune. In the blog ART&ASTROLOGY there are many examples of Venus/Neptune/MC combinations. That is because this combination is part of the pattern of artistic professional talent.


Femmes fatales in the public? Or is this about relations with money?


Magical attraction or a situation where earning money is very important


Career related to money and earning money, investment or the value of money (shares). Intense desire and wish lead to the position in society. Examples? Jacques Chirac (money issues led to an investigation), Armani (corruption trial in 1996).

I Venus/Node/AC, Venus/Node/MC, Venus/AC/MC


Nice and polite persons around you


Making the wish of the community come true (Nelson Mandela Venus sesquisquare Node/MC). Getting there with the help of the people that you know.  


The crucial importance of diplomacy, style and beauty for example for artists like Beethoven (Venus conjunct AC/MC) and Margot Fonteyn (MC sesquisquare Venus/Ascendant).

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This article is about the meaning of the signs of Sun/Moon midpoint (the point in between Sun and Moon).

The astrological signs are contributed to the Sun, Moon and planets. The position of Sun/Moon (the point between Sun and Moon) is also in such a ‘sun sign’. The Sun/Moon midpoint highlights the sign that is most visible in the way that you live and try to compromise between what you really want and what is ‘in it’ for you. The sign of the Sun/Moon midpoint shows how your will be motivated to live daily live.

For more about how to calculate midpoints, see the information on AstropostAspects with Sun/Moon are also very important as they strongly influence the motivation and the feeling of ‘what exactly it is that you need to do in life’. Here is more about the sign of the midpoint Sun/Moon, but please don’t forget to read the advice if you have Sun opposition Moon. Choose your Sun/Moon sign: <ahref=”#aries”>Aries, Taurus, Gemini,Cancer , Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio,
Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Before you start, read this.

– If you have Sun conjunct Moon:

When the Sun and Moon are in the same sign, the midpoint Sun/Moon is in your sun sign, too.

-If you have Sun opposition Moon:

There are two signs of the midpoint Sun/Moon when there is a tight opposition between Sun and Moon! In those cases, check both signs and consider the meaning of the axis (Aries-Libra for partnership, Taurus-Scorpio for earning money, Gemini-Sagittarius for travelling/transport and all kinds of communications/publications, Cancer/Capricorn for parenthood and family matters, Leo/Aquarius for society/entertainment, Virgo/Pisces for services).

Examples are:

– Michael Jackson (Sun/Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius),

– Susan Boyle (Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra, Sun/Moon in Cancer/Capricorn, illustrating the importance of family matters – she had to take care of her mother for years)


Here are possible interpretations for the Sun/Moon midpoint in:


Self motivating. Very driven and in for any competition. At worst: putting him/her self and his/her needs in the first place. The number one in the family and in the marriage, always in action.

Higlighted Aries means that you want and need to DO something, to act, to take initiative. If Aries is not the sign of your Sun AND Moon, you have found a compromise between your you and your needs in Aries things like work, activism, sport or …ego tripping.


– Domique Strauss Kahn masculine drives are common knowledge. He is also a leading figure in French politics.

– Betty Ford (Sun/Moon in Aries = square Pluto). In times of trouble she was the strong one in the family and she met the challenges of her life with courage.


Motivated by public attention or by the verb ‘ to have’. Highlighted materialism. The solid and true family member and partner. What it takes to keep them happy? Gifts, of course. Highlighted Taurus means you want and need to EARN something. That makes you ‘in’ for anything that promises profit. If Taurus is not the sign of your Moon AND Sun, you compromised the difference between your you and your needs by means of money or material.

Example: Casey Anthony (Sun/Moon in Taurus is sesqui square  Neptune)

I am sorry that I couldn’t find more controllable examples of Sun/Moon in Taurus. When I found them I will add them.


Motivated by words and contacts with others. You are in heart and soul ’the messenger’. The kind of family member who knows all the neighbours.

Example: Rebekah Brooks (Sun and Moon in Gemini)

Highlighted Gemini makes you want and need to communicate or transport things. If Gemini is not the sign of your Sun AND Moon, you compromised between your you and your needs in a way of living the Gemini-way: doing two things at the time, being busy contacting, trading and talking…


– Barbara Cartland didn’t only have Sun/Moon semi square Mercury but also Sun/Moon in Gemini, sign of communications.

– The Dutch chart (March 30, 1814, 11:30 Amsterdam) has Sun/Moon in the commercial and trading Gemini.

– Dutch politician Geert Wilders has Sun/Moon in Gemini (and Mercury ‘calling’).

– Michael Jackson’s full Moon at birth gives him Sun/Moon in either Gemini or Sagittarius, both related to ’the voice’ and dancing. That is what he shares with Lenny Henry, a British actor, writer and comedian born on the same day. See the post: http://art-astrology.blogspot.com/2009/06/charts-of-michael-jackson-and-lenny.html

– Queen Victoria didn’t dance much, I assume, though she had Sun, Moon, Sun/Moon and Ascendant in Gemini conjunct Ceres (the symbol of motherhood and dynasties).


Motivated by the family (especially the females), memories or history and by a deep sense to ‘belong’. Highlighted traditions. Needs to be ‘part of it’ to feel alive.

The dedicated family member. As a partner in a marriage: the family man.

Highlighted Cancer means that you want and need to keep memories alive. If your Sun AND Moon are not in Cancer, you found a compromise for your you and your needs in living the Cancer-way: traditional, with an eye on those you care for.


– Barack Obama (Sun in Leo, Moon in Gemini)

– Courtney Love (Sun and Moon in Cancer, semi square Uranus)

– Nancy Garrido, the wife of sexual offender Philip Garrido, did just about anything to keep the family together. She has Sun/Moon in Cancer and 5 positions in Cancer, too.


Motivated by performance, show or attention. Vanity might be highlighted, but always a ‘gentleman’ and ‘ a lady’. Seeks a star to follow. The kind of family member who knows how to fill the room with his/her presence.

In a marriage: the partner who needs to party and play and wants the partner to be noteworthy. Loyal and proud…but like all cats: don’t push him!

If your Sun AND Moon were not in Leo when you were born, you found a compromise between your you and your needs in living the Leo-way: showing off and performing the best that you can, because you need to be in the spotlights.


– Sun/Moon in Leo: Mark Zuckerberg.

– Jim Kerr (lead singer of the Simple Minds) has Sun in Cancer and Moon in Leo, with midpoint Sun/Moon in Leo square Neptune

– Bono (lead singer of U2) has Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio and Sun/Moon in Leo, square Mercury

– J.K. Rowling has Sun/Moon in Leo, conjunct Mercury and that is interesting because it shows that she is motivated to write. Apparently the modest Moon in Virgo and Neptune in the second house (the house of public display) stopped the Leo-effect (unless she is changing her life style to more luxury in privateJ

– Roseanne Barr doesn’t only have a ‘calling’ Sun on top of her chart, her Sun/Moon midpoint in Leo conjunct Pluto certainly draws attention, too.


Motivated by those who serve you or the ones that you serve. Highlighted distinction. In heart and soul the perfectionist. Needs to feel useful to feel alive. The family member who knows how you should comb your hair and who helps you to be perfect, always. Diligent.

In a marriage: the cool, neat and hygienic partner who serves you always (as long as you serve him, of course). You see them ‘correct’ the clothes of their partner, always.

You needed to find a way of life to compromise your   needs and your true self and you choose the Virgo-way of dedication and with an eye for details, because you just need to be efficient and an expert.


– David Cameron’s Sun/Moon is in Virgo, between his Libra Sun and Moon Leo.

– David Beckham, whose Sun/Moon is square Venus.

– Anne Sinclair (wife of DSK) and

– George Clooney (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn)

– Agatha Christie (Sun and Moon in Virgo, eye for the details).



Motivated by companionship and partners. Highlighted charm and style. The need to be with others. The family member who wants to keep peace in the house and is as polite as possible. In a marriage: the typical marriage partner, keeping the balance between the partners (but sometimes of course their things weigh more….:)

You just need to be a companion. If your Sun AND Moon were not both in Libra, you found a compromise for your you and your needs in living the Libra-way of diplomacy with an eye on your partners. Maybe it is difficult for you to say no or make choices?


– Kate Middleton has Sun/Moon in Libra, in the middle of her Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger has Sun in Leo and Moon in Capricorn. The Sun/Moon midpoint is in Libra, square the Ascendant and Mercury.


Motivated by challenges, problems and danger. Highlighted courage, dare and strength. Needs to be challenged to feel alive. The strongest person in the family…

In a marriage: fanatic ‘all or nothing’ and with a strong will, so …challenging and only for those with courage. On the other hand:  she/he will always defend you.

Highlighted Scorpio just needs to demonstrate courage. If you don’t have a Sun AND Moon both in Scorpio, your Sun/Moon midpoint shows how you found a compromise for your way of living in the Scorpio-style: sometimes extreme and fanatic, but always with an eye on danger and ready for self defence or defending the loved ones, enjoying life as much as you can.


– Cat Stevens (Sun Cancer, Moon Aquarius, Sun/Moon in Scorpio), see: http://art-astrology.blogspot.com/2009/05/astrology-chart-of-cat-stevens-yousouf.html

– Charlene Wittstock ,

– Dutch Princess Margarita

– Mel Gibson (Sun in Capricorn, Moon just entered Libra when he was born)

– O.J. Simpson (Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces)

– USA Sagittarius rising chart with Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Cancer and Sun/Moon in Scorpio in hard aspect with Mars (think of the Eagle, symbol of Scorpio and the USA)


Motivated by hope and conviction. Highlighted optimism. The need to expand, travel or grow to feel alive. The cheerful and positive member of the family, always helpful and giving advice.

In a marriage: needs some space but is loyal (unless allowed to flirt too much:).

If your Sun AND Moon are not both in Sagittarius, your Sagittarius way of living is a compromise between your you and your needs. The Sagittarius way has a good appetite for life, is international (traveling a lot) and is optimistic. 



– Michael Jackson, who had Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces had Sun/Moon in Sagittarius or in Gemini.

– John Travolta has Sun/Moon in Sagittarius, too



Motivated by parents (mostly the father), managers or others of different age or standing. Needs law, order and hierarchy to feel alive and secure. Highlighted responsibility and conservatism. In the family: the cool, serious, responsible and cautious family member, a bit distant (because of age, status or living far away).

In a marriage: rather solid, serious and distant (like the father remembered for cutting the meat every Sunday). No seriously: they are very scrupulous indeed.

This highlighted Capricorn just needs to climb in society and make a career. It depends on many things (chart, genes, gender, circumstances) where that need brings you.

Famous examples are:

– Oprah Winfrey (Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Sagittarius, Sun/Moon in Capricorn)

– Luis Bunuel (Sun Pisces, Moon Sagittarius, conflict with the family because of political choice)

– Annie Lennox (Sun and Moon in Capricorn, Sun/Moon in Capricorn sesquisquare Venus)


Motivated by friends or groups (on the internet). Needs change and variation, news or ‘new things’ to feel alive. Highlighted technology or human interests. The family member who is more interested in the latest adventures of the club or friends than in the close family members, but always willing to help if you ask.

In a marriage: the friend (but not per se everlasting)

The highlighted Aquarius shows that you just need to be independent or unique (different than the rest). If your Sun AND Moon were not in the same sign, your midpoint Sun/Moon is the compromise that you found in the way-of-living of Aquarius: as free as a bird, but with an eye for society. It doesn’t mean, BTW, that this independence or uniqueness needs to be shown by not getting married.


– Prince Albert of Monaco’s Sun/Moon midpoint is in Aquarius, conjunct Chiron, between the Pisces Sun and Capricorn Moon.

– Rupert Murdocht (Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius) has Sun/Moon in Aquarius

– Sarah Palin has Sun/Moon in Aquarius (her Sun and Moon are both in Aquarius).

– Dutch Queen Beatrix also has Sun/Moon in Aquarius, conjunct Venus and Jupiter


(Link to their charts and a comparison)


Motivated by empathy, compassion and illusions (dreams or ideals). Needs art, belief or spirituality to feel alive. Highlighted romance. The day dreaming member of the family who is isolated, listening to the music, watching television or in other ways out of reach until help is needed.

In a marriage: the romantic partner (with a risk to be desillusioned).


–      Thom Hoffman, actor and photographer with Sun in Pisces and Moon in Aries. Sun/Moon in Pisces is opposition Jupiter. See: http://art-astrology.blogspot.com/2009/06/astrology-chart-thom-hoffman.html

–      Ronald Reagan (Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus, Sun/Moon in Pisces at Zero Aries, in hard aspect with Jupiter)


Sun/Moon midpoint and AC/MC midpoint interpretation

There are two important midpoints in every chart: Sun/Moon and AC/MC. They show the special marks (the astrological ID). They tell us why you are what you are and do what you do. There is more about calculating and interpreting midpoint combinations on this site and about progressed Sun/Moon and Sun/Moon synastry (see links). This article focusses on natal Sun/Moon and on natal AC/MC (Ascendant/Midheaven) and how to interpret aspects with Sun/Moon and AC/MC.


Sun/Moon midpoint is what it says that it is: the point in the middle of Sun and Moon. AC/MC is the midpoint of Ascendant and Midheaven. You need to know your hour of birth to be able to calculate the midpoint Sun/Moon and AC/MC. Not everybody knows their hour of birth and that is why the Sun/Moon midpoint is less popular than sunsigns are. That is a pity, because the Sun/Moon midpoint happens to inform us about motivations, family life and all the things that you want. It is the midpoint of your character: who you are and what you want. AC/MC is the most individualistic midpoint of the exact place of birth. There is more about calculating and interpreting midpoint combinations on this site. This article focusses on natal and progressed Sun/Moon and on natal AC/MC.


The midpoint Sun/Moon is a most important midpoint. That is because it is the point in the middle of the main lights in the sky, as seen from earth. This midpoint symbolizes the marriage of heart and soul, the crossing point of spirit and soul and the integration of body and soul. An aspect with this midpoint offers insight in the heart desires of a person and what this person really wants out of life. The Sun and the Moon are the lights of the chart. What is in aspect with the Sun/Moon midpoint will be highlighted.


The crosspoint of latitude (line Ascendant-Descendant, horizon) and longitude (line Midheaven/Immun Coeli) is the exact place of birth. This midpoint should inform us about the situation and conditions at birth, the first real life experience. This experience might be of importance for the rest of your life. It makes a difference if you were born having pain, being exhausted or feeling love and care coming your way.

INTERPRETATION of aspects with Sun/Moon or AC/MC

HOW TO INTERPRET SUN/MOON and AC/MC midpoint combinations? What do they mean?

Yesterday’s post was about the transits and progressions with Sun/Moon midpoint. Sun/Moon midpoint is what it says that it is: the midpoint between Sun and Moon. Ascendant/Midheaven (AC/MC) is another important midpoint. The angular positions (positions on Ascendant or the meridian – MC or IC -) are prominent positions. The planets on those positions have great impact on the Astrological ID. They show up like special marks do. Any aspect with Sun/Moon or AC/MC is an important aspect. These aspects show more about the nature of a person’s motivation and the vital importance of a chart.

BTW Sun/Moon and Ascendant/Midheaven can’t be calculated without knowing the hour and place of a birth. Those who don’t know the hour of birth could have a look at the (Astro)post about Zero Aries. Continue for the combinations of Sun/Moon and AC/MC.

Here are example readings, possible interpretations, for combinations with Sun/Moon and the equally important midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven. You have to see them in the light of the complete chart, the situation, conditions, gender and genes of the person involved.


Sun/Moon with Mercury

Motivated for study, reading and communicating. The need to talk to someone.

AC/MC with Mercury

The crucial importance of study and communications (voice, for example).


Sun/Moon with Venus

Motivated for esthetics, luxury or entertainment (or love). The need to have fun and loving company in nice circumstances. A good position for stylists or for those working in the business of entertainment, jewelry etc.

AC/MC with Venus

The crucial importance of living life in pleasure and luxury (diplomacy required).


Sun/Moon with Mars

Motivated for production, fighting and action. The need to use energy and to work or take action. This midpoint combination hightlights drives and stimulates motivations.

AC/MC with Mars

The crucial importance of having a job to do and taking action. Muscles or drive is needed.


  • Sun/Moon with Jupiter

Motivated for growth, traveling and convincing or guiding others. The need to have successes.

  • AC/MC with Jupiter

The crucial importance of development, growth and the international…


  • Sun/Moon with Saturn

Motivated for business and management, controlling others. The need to be respected.

  • AC/MC with Saturn

The crucial importance of stability, realism and control. Status is required.


  • Sun/Moon with Uranus

Motivated for certain techniques or using engines/inventions. The need to make the world a better place, to explore or truth finding.

  • AC/MC with Uranus

The crucial importance of intuition and being inventive


  • Sun/Moon with Neptune

Motivated by idealism, faith or religion. The need to have dreams.  A good position for arts: highlighted fantasy.

  • AC/MC with Neptune

The importance of inspiration (by fantasy or ideals)


  • Sun/Moon with Pluto

Motivated by values, policies or strategies if not force. The need to be strong and powerful or rich.

  • AC/MC with Pluto

The importance of strategy and power or authority (perhaps in politics)


  • Sun/Moon with Node

Motivated by the family or the party/nation. The need to belong to a group of people.

  • AC/MC with Node

The crucial importance of the people around you


  • Sun/Moon with Ascendant

Expressing with hearth and soul, highlighted presentation or looks, being motivated by the environment

  • AC/MC with Sun

The crucial importance of leadership or performance.

  • Sun/Moon with Midheaven

Full commitment to a goal in life

  • AC/MC with Moon

The crucial importance of habits, moods or fashion

  • Sun/Moon with Sun and Moon

Motivated by your own will to live, with a need for family life and taking care (of themselves and those who belong to them)

  • AC/MC with Sun/Moon

The importance of your you, motivated by circumstances and situations.


  • Sun/Moon with Ceres

Motivated by results (the harvest), roots, genes, motherhood or nutrition. The need to be nurtured or to feed others (with food, ideas or dreams….etc.).

  • AC/MC with Ceres

The family roots or most important and so is being an heir

  • Sun/Moon with Eris

Motivated by discord or anger. The need not to be underestimated or forgotten? (Don’t you forget about Eris!)

  • AC/MC with Eris

The importance of being underestimated

  • Sun/Moon with Pallas

Motivated by seeing patterns and displaying them. The need to arrange things.

  • AC/MC with Pallas

The importance of patterns (for example in art)

  • Sun/Moon with Quaoar

Motivated to create new perspectives. The need to create a new way of living for themselves or for the world.

  • AC/MC with Quaoar

The prominence of creating new perspectives and making changes

  • Sun/Moon with Pholus

Motivated to cause a turning point (a goal in football, for example). Need to make (immediate) changes

  • AC/MC with Pholus

The importance of polls, looking back and retrospective results


Sun/Moon synastry on Astromarkt:


Sun/Moon progressions and transits:


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