Mars-Uranus aspect and midpoint



Mars-Uranus is the aspect of the impatience, the short fuse, accelerating and accidents. Mars in aspect with Uranus is frequent in the charts of terrorist. You need not be an terrorist with this aspect, even though you want immediate changes and action in a hurry. You can get excited with Mars-Uranus, for any sort of action. I included the picture of the ‘happy swing’ to show you that:).

Mars-Uranus is the aspect of the radical action. Fast and sometimes too fast actions are part of Mars and Uranus. The goal is to establish a change. It is the aspect of the revolutionary, the rebel and the independently operating soldier. Not surprisingly Mars/Uranus midpoint and Mars in aspect with Uranus are clearly shown in the charts of terrorists and freedom fighters. This aspect is also to be found in the charts of those causing accidents and involved in the crime scene.Arrests and operations belong to the Mars/Uranus combination. As an example: Frida Kahlo (chart on Astropost), born July 6, 1907 in Coyoacan at 8:30 in the morning with Mars conjunct Uranus. When she was young, she suffered from a heavy accident that crippled her and later in life she was arrested and imprisoned for a while.

Here below you find more than 20 other examples. Please note that Mars-Uranus in a chart does not mean that a person needs to become a terrorist or just has to cause a bomb explosion. It is the other way around. The indication is apparently needed for a terrorist or rebel. And a certain drive to hurry or maybe a tendency to do the wrong thing in case of urgency, might be the reason for the accidents related to this aspect. So if you have Mars-Uranus highlighted in your chart: take care, try to be more patient and don’t hurry (or worry). This Mars-Uranus connection also appears in the charts of people active in a sport that acquires the capability of acceleration (like bikers and in motor sports).


1. Suicide killer Khan – of the London Subway Blast (July 7, 2005) – was born October 20, 1974: a conjunction of Sun, Mars and Uranus and Sun conjunct the midpoint Mars/Uranus. The ‘black widow’ Samantha (married to one of the other terrorists) was born December 5, 1983 with an exact sextile between Mars and Uranus.

2. Rote Armee Fraction
Gudrun Enssling was a terrorist as a member of the Rote Armee Fraction, born 15th of August 1940 at 18 hour in Bartholom. Mars makes an almost exact square with Uranus, Uranus square the midpoint Sun/Mars.

3. On August 16, 1913 at 060000 LMT a.m. in Brest-Litovsk Menachem Begin was born. He started his political carreer as a terrorist. He had Sun sesquiquadrate Mars/Uranus.

4. William of Orange (born April, 24, 1533 at 08h5000 LMT a.m. Dillenburg, so called Willem the Silent, had Sun conjunct Mars/Uranus in the natal chart and started the rebellion against the king of Spain.

5. Osama Bin Laden (10th of March 1957): Mars conjunct Sun/Uranus

6. UNA Bomber (22th May 1942): Mars semi square Sun/Uranus, Sun conjunct Uranus and semi square Mars

7. Ariel Sharon (27th February 1928): Uranus semi square Sun/Mars

8. Yasser Arafat (27th Augustus 1929 2 am Cairo): Mars wide opposed to Uranus

9. Lenin (22nd April 1870 at 21h42 in Uljanowsk): Mars square Uranus and Mars semi square Sun/Uranus

10. Mao Tse Tung (26121893 073000 LMT Hsiangtar): Sun semi square Mars/Uranus

11. Pinochet (25th November 1915): Mars sesquiquadrate Sun/Uranus

12. Michelle Martin (wife of Marc Dutroux, born 15th January 1960 in Ixelles): Sun square Mars/Uranus

13. War criminal Babic (26th of February 1956): Mars inconjunct Uranus

14. Aung San Suu Kyi Radix: born June 19,1945, just like the Chinese president: Mars semi square Sun/Uranus

15. Cindy Sheehan (10th July 1957 13h40 Inglewood): Mars conjunct Uranus

16. Jörg Haider, right conservative politician in Austria, died due to an accident: Mars square Uranus. Read about his death, my news blog.

17.  The Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik  has Mars trine Pluto (and square Uranus). See

18. Christopher Reeves had an almost exact quincunx (inconjunct: 150 degrees) between Mars and Uranus. Due to an accident (the fall of his horse), he lost the ability to use his muscles.

19. Paul Walker had Mars and Uranus ‘calling’ in the natal chart. In the progressed chart the Sun was in between opposition Mars and conjunct Uranus. Transit Uranus semi sextile Mars completed the pattern. See:

20. Moussaoui, born 30th of May 1968 in Saint Jean de Luz, France took part in the preparations of the attacks op 9-11. This terrorist also has a connection between these planets. Natal Sun is conjunct Mars and square Pluto. Mars is (widely) square Uranus and is semi square the midpoints Sun/Uranus and Sun/Pluto. The mark of a man who wants to make changes with struggle and violence.

All of these persons have been arrested, rebelled and/or were involved in accidents or revolutions. All of these persons tend to want to make immediate changes. And sometimes they went too fast.

Mars with Uranus is an explosive combination. Mars is energy, Uranus is the spark. Uranus is also the planet of ‘now or never’. Two explosives coming together to execute radical solutions… Somtimes the one with these indications becomes the victim of an accident (perhaps as a result of being hasty). This was the case with the next persons. Mind you: it take at least three indications for heavy accidents!


The following examples were not involved in serious accidents but some of them were arrested… 

(!any statistic has exceptions and remember: it takes at least three indications for a heavy effect!)

Exceptions and examples without accidents (in this case ‘renewers’ or people doing something special):

1. Albert Schweitzer had Mars on Sun/Uranus. He mentioned his ‘short fuse’ and the way to controlit in his memoires.

2. Abraham Lincoln had Uranus on Sun/Mars .

3. Sigmund Freud (Mars sesquiquadrate Sun/Uranus) .

4. Patrick Kluivert (football player and involved with 2 heavy accidents – one killing a person, Uranus square Sun/Mars) .

5. Van Nistelrooy (born the same day as Kluivert, Uranus square Sun/Mars – no accidents that I know of) .

6. Betty Friedan (Uranus conjunct Sun/Mars); however…feminism is a sort of a rebellion .

7. Coretta King (Mars square Uranus); eh…freedom fighting is rebelliion, too .

8. Machiavelli (Mars inconjunct Uranus) .

9. Keith Richards (Mars conjunct Uranus)

Conclusion : Ebertin said that Mars/Uranus is related to the principle of sudden effort and sociological: the freedom fighter or revolutionary. Accidents, injuries and operations are part of the meaning of Mars/Uranus. At best Mars-Uranus indicates the good result or escape out of a dangerous situation (for example with surgery). People with these aspects will not give in easily and be rebellious. Those are also characteristics that might cause accidents. Combined with the Sun life can change drastically due to an accident, arrest or in the case of women a birth or pregnancy. 

It takes more then one aspect or midpoint combination always! That does not make astrology an easy subject to statistics. But perhaps these examples clarify that Mars-Uranus stands for the unexpected action to bring a radical solution and that action sometimes collides with the life and will of others or with the law.


PS On June 20, 2011 Jackass Ryan Dunn died in a car crash after driving too fast. In the natal chart there is a Mars-Uranus aspect. On the day of the accident Transit Mars was conjunct progressed Mars with transit Uranus square natal Mars. The resonation of Mars-Uranus sometimes mirrors a tragic accident.

Read Astropost about Mars-Uranus in the charts of a couple. Oscar Pistorius shot his lover through the toilet door. He – known for being armed almost always – said that he took her for an intruder. He fired 4 times.

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