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Welcome! Jupiter in aspect with Uranus in the charts of astrologers, astronauts and popes (or the midpoint Jupiter/Uranus) shows what they share: a helicopter view (cosmic awareness).

The combination (aspect or midpoint) seems to be indispensable in the natal charts of astrologers. The midpoint Jupiter/Uranus will be linked to the Sun, the Midheaven or Mercury in the charts of astrologers or of those who are related to astrology in the eyes of the public. Sometimes the Jupiter/Uranus-connection is indirect and/or constructed by the signs ruled by Jupiter and Uranus (Sagittarius and Aquarius). There are often aspects connecting Sun, Mercury or Midheaven with Jupiter and Uranus. Try and see for yourself. You, the reader, might also have an important Jupiter-Uranus combination in your chart. But Jupiter-Uranus is not only important for astrologers. Jupiter-Uranus is also prominent in the charts of astronauts (watching the world from above) and of modern popes (giving their view of the world today)! Jupiter-Uranus is the combination of the helicopter view.

Jupiter/Uranus is the combination of ‘relief’ in transits and progressions. Recent examples in crime cases show that Jupiter-Uranus is related to acquittals (see Astropost about the Casey Anthony, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and O.J. Simpson cases). It promises the ability to look ahead and to sketch another point of view (or, to see the world, an event or a person from a different or renewed point of view), looking forward to better times. That is what I believe is the meaning of Jupiter-Uranus.

To be able to watch the world and mankind from an alternative or elevated point of view seems to be the general meaning of Jupiter/Uranus. Having the connection in your chart does not mean that you will be an astronaut, pope or astrologer. But if you are, you might need a helicopter view…

Let me give some examples of astrologers with Jupiter/Uranus connections:
Ebertin: Moon 22.5 degrees from Jupiter/Uranus; Mars 112.5 degrees from Jupiter/Uranus, Uranus semi square Sun/Jupiter, Sun septile the oriental Jupiter and quintile Uranus.

– Louis de Wohl: Jupiter (ruler of the Moon) very tightly sextile Uranus (ruler of the Sun), in the 24th degree, just like the Midheaven (Jupiter semi sextile and Uranus square MC), 5 positions in Aquarius and two in Sagittarius, among which Uranus (ruler of Aquarius). Uranus and Jupiter are in mutual reception, too. See the post about De Wohl for his chart.

Noel Tyl (link to his site) has the connnection between Jupiter and Uranus, too. Both planets are tightly sextile his Midheaven and the Midheaven is conjunct the midpoint Jupiter/Uranus. His Sun is conjunct hirs oriental Jupiter and trine Uranus. And Uranus is the apex of a midpoint yod with Sun/Moon (Sun/Moon opposition Uranus). So Jupiter and Uranus are prominent in his chart, related to Midheaven and to each other.

– Jean-Baptiste Morin had a prominent Uranus -rising before his Sun- conjunct Mercury and he had Sun conjunct Jupiter. His Midheaven was semi square Jupiter/Uranus. And Jupiter was related to ASC/MC.

– Astrologer Karen Hamaker-Zondag has Uranus sesquisquare Sun/Jupiter
– Astrologer Lea Manders has Uranus conjunct Mercury/Jupiter, Uranus conjunct Midheaven and Juiter semi sextile Midheaven
– Astrologer Robert Hand has Jupiter sesquisquare Sun/Uranus with Jupiter septile Uranus, Jupiter trine Midheaven and Uranus quintile Midheaven
– Astrologer John Addey*) had Midheaven semi square Jupiter/Uranus, Uranus (square ASC) semi square Sun/Jupiter
– Astrologer Ram had Jupiter elevated and 67.5 Sun/Uranus.

And how about Walter Pullen, Alois Treindl ? You can see their charts on Astropost (follow the link). Alan Leo, the pioneer of the sunsign astrology, had the oriental Jupiter 22.5 degrees from Mercury/Uranus. Walter Koch (the man of the house system) had Sun related to Jupiter/Uranus and Jupiter square Mercury/Uranus.

Enough examples of astrologers…The author of this story has Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Aquarius, Sun, Moon and Midheaven semi square Jupiter/Uranus; Sun and Midheaven quintile Jupiter and quatrinovile Uranus; Jupiter on an angle…When there are more than enough Jupiter-Uranus combinations, you apparently must publish (Jupiter) about astrology (Uranus).


Jotown (Astrodatabank comments) gave permission to publish this list of collected data of astronauts with aspects between Jupiter and Uranus:

James Lovell – Sun/Jupiter/Uranus conjunction
Sally Ride – Jupiter/Uranus square – Sun/Jupiter sextile.
John Glenn – Jupiter/Uranus opposition -Moon trine Jupiter
Neil Armstrong – Sun trine Uranus – Jupiter/Uranus square
Buzz Aldrin – Jupiter/Uranus sextile – Sun trine Jupiter
Edgar Mitchell – Jupiter/Uranus square – Jupiter/Moon conjunct
There is a post about the chart of Mitchell on Astropost, too…


Benedict 16th has Midheaven square Jupiter/Uranus and Uranus half semi square Sun/Jupiter. His Jupiter is angular and Uranus is rising before the Sun.


Back down to earth…

Winners of the lottery (at least: those of whom we know the birth data) have a Jupiter-Uranus connection. See the study of the charts of lucky winners of the lottery.

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